Knights of the Mashing Fork

How to Join the Knights of the Mashing Fork:


  • You must be a legal aged person who brews their own beer. Any level of experience is accepted.
  • You must be willing to continually improve your brewing and beer appreciation skills. First and foremost, this is a homebrewing club, and producing quality beer is the main goal.
  • Participation on the forum is highly recommended. This is where club brews and other events are coordinated.
  • Knights will receive extra access on the club website, be able to participate in other club events (jamborees, parties, pub crawls, competitions), purchase bulk grain at discounted prices, and enter public competitions under the club's name.
  • General membership is open for around $20 a year. This is re-evaluated on a yearly basis, but in general, the fee helps fund the club website as well as other projects/events.
  • Members are not guaranteed wort from club brews, but are always welcome to attend, regardless. There is still the chance to observe, learn, drink, eat, and socialize. Brews are coordinated on the forum. Wort is available on a first come RSVP basis and the actual cost of the brew will be calculated

If you are interested in joining either level, e-mail:

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