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K-cup bud lite

Started by Sir Grist, Feb 16, 2017, 12:42 PM

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Sir Grist

Seems pretty stupid to me but I wonder if this could possibly ever be adapted to make good beer.
k-cup bud lite
Apparently this Keurig KOLD machine just dispenses cold water, the CO2 comes from some CO2 that has been absorbed/stored in some sort of beads that would be in the K-cup, once you figured out how to carbonate it, all you need is some of that powered alcohol and dehydrated piss and boom, single serve Bud-lite!


But why would you want Bud Lite? :Gross:


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Sir Vorlauf

There's other cheap beers that are better. Maybe not drastically better, but...
Brewers must have an intimate understanding of the physics of heating and cooling, the hard science of enzymes and fermentation- and then forget it all to achieve a gut-level Zen instinct for the process.


PBR is much better. My wife and I can go to the local Applebee's any day, any time and get mugs for a buck. We don't do it often, but it's good for a change.  


PBR is my golf course beer.  With triple digit temps here,  I want something ice cold and PBR seems to fit the bill pretty good.


I like PBR after a day out kayaking or working out in the sun.  One of my fellow local homebrewers thought I was nuts (maybe he thinks that anyway) until we had been out kayaking on a 95+ degree day and I handed him a can of cold PBR. He changed his mind immediately.


When the wife and I go out we generally drink a couple of beers each. Any town we're in, that has a bar, is at least a 17 mile drive home. 
There is a a little pub that has a good selection of craft beers. However, they're about 6 bucks each. We can have the PBR's for under $5 total, go home and drink home brew. I can make 10 gallons of beer for what those 4 craft beers cost. We do go there every once in a while, but you just can't beat a cold, draft, PBR for a buck.  :Stout:


I gots me some PBR in my kegerater almost all the time. Out of all the cheap shit you can buy I would say my favorite. I'll hit a coors light too if that's all thats avail.


I've been busy around the house lately and haven't had much time to brew. I bought a 30 pack of PBR a while back and I'll probably end up getting some more. 

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